Treats Not Tricks!

Here's a couple of treat ideas from Pinterest.

1. Good Housekeeping Black & White Cookies 2. The Pastry Affair Chocolate Fudge Cake 3. Good Housekeeping Spider Cookies 4. Delish Chocolate Cake 5. Martha Stewart Candy Corn Cookies 6. My Recipes Pumpkin Cheesecake 7. Martha Stewart Layer Cake 8. Bright Ideas Spider Cupcakes 9. Annies Eats Mummy Cookies 10. Made By Girl Photo 11. Glorious Treats Candy Corn Cheesecake


Photo Prop Costume Inspiration

It's a mustache...on a stick!

I absolutely love this idea! It's super easy to make your custom "on a stick" photo props and a great Halloween party favor!

1. Perfectionate Etsy Shop 2. Redbrickwall Etsy Shop 3,4,5. MustacheGlass Etsy Shop 6. Heathoriginal Etsy Shop 7. Perfectionate Etsy Shop 8. Tiffany Kelly Blog 

Amerian Apparel Does It Halloween Style

Get some last minuet costume ideas from American Apparel.

 Images courtesy of American Apparel


Cutest D.Y.I Costume Ever

All you need is a white bodysuit or leotard, cotton balls, glue, 
white and black felt, white hat (or felt for a hood). 

To see full D.I.Y details click here.

Images courtesy of Parents via Pinterest

Blogger Of The Week: Color Collective

A great resource for Autumn color pallets! 

"I created Color Collective as a designers' resource for color. The color palettes are pulled from the work of various designers, artists, and photographers that I am inspired by. I hope you will be inspired too, and use these palettes in your own creative projects!" - Color Collective

Images courtesy of Color Collective


Curiously Spooky Prints

From Etsy vintage prints dealer, Kate Faulk with Curious Prints.

"Curious Prints founder Kate Faulk is a Louisiana-based graphic designer whose well-tuned eye lights up when it spots a unique vintage print. This collection of prints with beautiful, intricate scientific illustrations were originally featured in old textbooks, and the curiosities depicted are appropriately creepy." - Fab.com

Spotted on Fab.com

Images courtesy of Etsy.com


Heads Will Roll by Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's,

Remix by James Iha!

Lashing Out On Halloween

Here's some lash ideas to wear on 31st along with 
an easy how to video by Lauren Conrad from The Beauty Department

I love Halloween, but dressing up? Not so much. So in the next couple of days, I'll share some ideas of how to look cute and festive without donning last years sexy (fill in the blank) pirate, policeman, or football payer costume. Enjoy!

Images courtesy of Pinterest & Mattese Elite



Jump Into The Fog by The Wombats

Dijon Know About The Mustard Trend?

Mustard is a perfect color to mix and match with in the 
fall! It goes great with black and white accessories or
 a pop of leopard print! 

Images courtesy of:


LEAF Video: How To Make The Perfect Bun Two Ways

Leaf: Living, Eating & Fashion.

I love, love, love, these LEAF videos!  To see more click here. This one's super cute too!

Courtesy of Because I'm Addicted 

Meet Jewelry Designers: Vamoose

"Designed and handmade in the United Kingdon, our pieces
 are inspired by natural history, a growing collection of vintage finds 
and an exploration of traditioal crafts with modern influences."

Ok, so I officially want everything these guys make! They're cute, feminine, delicate and can go with any outfit. All the while made and operated by only one woman! To see more of there pieces, visit their online store here. Can you say, US delivery please?!

Images courtesy of The Vamoose
Spotted on Design Love Fest


To Snood Or Not To Snood

sn[hood]: "Scarf and hood combined." 

1.$34.92 ASOS Metallic Geo Knit Snood 2. $34.92 ASOS Bright Intarsia Knit Snood 3. $24.44 ASOS Pieces Palace Fairisle Snood 4. $43.65 ASOS Cable Knit Hooded Snood 5. $20.95 ASOS Loose Rib Knitted Snood 6. $20.95 ASOS Loose Rib Knitted Snood 7. $31.43 ASOS Warehouse Ladder Stitch Snood 8. $52.38 ASOS Premium Wool Mix Cable and Bobble Knit Snood 9. $52.38 ASOS Premium Wool Mix Cable and Bobble Knit Snood 10. $20 Nasty Gal Twisted Infinity Scarf

Pink Is The New Blond

...Perhaps it's true?

I don't know about you, but I've been seeing a lot of pink hair trends in the past couple of weeks! Which makes me think, what if pink could be the new blond?!

1. Model Viktoriya S. via The Vamoose 2. Katie Perry via MTV Style 3. Thakoon model via The Style List 4. Niki Minaj via Glam Check 5. Thakoon model via The Style List 6. Niki Minaj via Pinterest  7. Rachael McAdams via Hair Color Ideas 8. Roksanda Ilincic model via Style.com 9.ELLE R., 20 YEAR OLD PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENT / BLOGGER FROM NEW YORK CITY  10. Lady Gaga via Google 11. Thakoon model via Vogue 12. Lady Gaga via Google


The Kids Don't Stand A Chance by Vampire Weekend

TGIF! Relax, enjoy the weekend and rock out to
 Miike Snow's, The kids don't stand a chance remix!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

For all of those who are affected by breast cancer... 

Image courtesy of Pinterest via The Beauty Department


Pretty Paris Typeface

Paris Typeface by Moshik Nadav Typography

"Paris is a new typeface that was inspired by the world of fashion. Paris Typeface should be in use by the most popular fashion magazines and super luxury brands. It includes awesome ligatures and sexy numerals in 9 different styles. Beside the typeface, I designed a few typographic posters to demonstrate the type uses." Moshik Nadav

Images courtesy of Behance

Meet Chalkboard Artist: Dana Tanamachi

Bringing old school art back to town!

Ace Hotel Room 1021 from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

Spotted on See Hear Say Blog


Rich Doors by New Villager

I love this song!

Clicks Of The Week

Here's some pictures from my most recent visit to Laduree NYC!

Over the weekend I took a lovely trip over to Laduree on the Upper East Side. My cousin and I got there just as it opened on Sunday and only had to wait in line for a couple of minuets to get in. If you live in New York, or plan on visiting soon, I'd highly recommend coming here! Are they expensive? Yes. But are they worth it? Oui, of course! The store is tres jolie and so are the macaroons!

Images courtesy of KC and Co Blog

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