A New Year...

Au Lang Syne by Mairi Cambell and Dave Francis
 from the Sex and the City Movie.

I love this part of Sex and the City! Charlotte and Harry celebrate the end of their infertility with a healthy pregnancy.  True to form, Samantha toasts with her long term lover (dear I say boyfriend) in matching sequin robes and posh champaign flukes.  And lastly, Carry travels to Mirandas to accompany her just in time for the clock to strike midnight. Not only does this clip make me cry almost every time I watch it but it also reminds me be so thankful for close friends and family when you're in time of need.
I’m looking forward to 2012. This year has had its ups and downs for me to say the least. I’ve celebrated my first full year as a full fledged Floridian turned New Yorker, said a very said goodbye to my Grandma- my inspiration and reason for working in fashion, made well needed connections with old friends and all the while began this little blog.  

I wish everyone a truly inspirational and lucky 2012!

It’s time to Keep Calm and Carry On, to a new year! 


Home For The Holidays

Time to wrap the palm trees in Christmas lights!

Every year around Christmas it’s time to take my annual pilgrimage back to my home town of Vero Beach, Florida. Land of the elderly, wealthy, and Lily Polizer fashion victims. Normally I stick out like a sore thumb, but this year it’s twice as bad! I arrived at the quiet Melbourne airport in knee high military boots, black tights and top, pasty white complexion (I’m talking Twilight pale) and wondering why this little airport doesn't have wireless…or a Starbucks! Once stepping outside and getting smacked with Florida’s infamous humidity, I was reminded that I probably shouldn't have brought my wool peacoat and trendy hipster beany either. It was some of these differences and oddities that separated me from the typical Floridian which enticed me to venture outside the Sunshine state.  It’s now been 10 years since I’ve called Florida my home and oddly enough, it still remains just that…my home....sweet home.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Seven Sparkling Seqin Styles

Here's a couple ideas for a some New Years celebrations.

Images courtesy of online store Nasty Gal


Free People's Holiday Lookbook

Get some great ideas with a peak into the Free People 
Holiday Lookbook.

Images courtesy of Free People


Ceramics By Alyssa Ettinger

Wouldn't these glowing Mason jars be lovely next to a fire 
place? I can't help but sing, Chestnuts roasting on 
an open fire, every time I see these!

Images courtesy of Alyssa Ettinger
Spotted on Poppy Talk


Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club

Happy Friday everyone!

Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club on Grooveshark

Meet Dutch Designers Tas-ka

Dutch design at its finest!

"Collected by Tas-ka is an initiative from Design studio Tas-ka, a Dutch company by Jantien Baas en Hester Worst. Collected by Tas-ka is a collection products from all over the world. In the webshop we will sell our own Tas-ka collection and also products from other designers."

All images and quote courtesy of  Tas-Ka


Jewelry From PoppyTalk Handmade

Jewelry inspired by the holidays, now that's what
 I'm talking about!

"Founders of Poppytalk Handmade, an online "curated" and monthly-themed marketplace exhibition site which showcases handmade and vintage goods from around the world. Click here to find out more about the market." 

Images courtesy of Poppytalk Handmade


Isn't It Pinteresting?

A golden painted chair...what a great idea!

Images courtesy of Anthropologie via Pinterest 

Free People Throughout The Decades Video

This is a very creative video of Free People throughout 
the years. It's a must watch if you love Free People as much as me!

Free People - November 2011 - Through the Decades from FreePeople on Vimeo.


Reindeer Hug Labels by Amy Moss

Peace, Love & Reindeer Hugs- I love it!

"I've personally never hugged a reindeer before but I  imagine the experience would be warm and snuggly and definitely worthy  of wishing upon loved ones during the holiday season." - Amy Moss, Designer.

Click here to visit Amy Moss's Eat, Drink, Chic to download free labels.


Rich-In-Craft Present Folie à Deux Purse Collection

Luxury bags with antler handles! What will
they think of next?

"The Folie à Deux Bag made as a limited edition of 36 by Rich-in-Craft is a labor of love—designers Tiffani Anne Williams and Parker Todd Brooks crafted each one by hand. Its distinctive horn handle was created using an exclusive glass amalgam, making a truly special and unique gift. "

Images and quote courtesy of Fab.com
See Rich-In-Craft for the whole collection


Just Teasing Supplies

From the gals at the Beauty Department.

Image courtesy of The Beauty Department

Do Some Ban.do Styles

A super cute site and store devoted to all 
things accessories.

"In June 2008 two adventurous gals from Los Angeles decided to sell handmade vintage headbands.  They imagined selling them mostly to their mom's and then possibly an occasional stranger.  In august that same year they launched ban.do and it was, well, a bit of an overnight success..." 

Images and Quote courtesy of Ban.do


JCrew's Color Inspiration

This seasons top color inspiration came from 
painter, Milton Avery. 

Images courtesy of the JCrew Blog


Sight Unseen Jewelry

"Sight Unseen is an online magazine that 
takes readers inside the worlds of design, art,
 fashion, food, photography, and other creative disciplines."

Images and Quote courtesy of Site Unseen
Spotted on Wit + Delight


Blogger Of The Week: 365 Lucky Days

One original piece of art will be created with love each 
and every day for one year.

Images courtesy of 365 Lucky Days Blog
Spotted on Eat, Drink, Chic
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