D.I.Y: Glitter Tipped Nails

Keep calm and glitter on!

This is quite a fun and easy D.I.Y! I used the Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Real Nail Polish in 260 Glitz Blitz for $10. They're basically vinyl stickers that stick to your nails but last longer than real nail polish (and no mess or waiting to dry). I kept seeing the little boxes in different colors pop up around the city and wanted to give them a try. Not to mention, they should last for up to 10 days. So far, I've had mine on for five days, and they've hardly chipped. Also, if you cut the polish strips in half, you can get at least 2 manicures out of one box! On a side note, you can make your stencil out of any paper (I choose the paper instructions from the box) and you can be creative on the shape as well.

I'll be happy to answer any questions if you have any D.I.Y nail dilemmas!

Images courtesy of KC And Co Blog

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