Meet Illustrationist: Jules Julien

I’m a sucker for great Illustrator based drawings, so
needless to say Julien caught my eye.

While killing time in Barnes and Noble, waiting to see the last Harry Potter movie, I ran across a great book called Illustration Now! Portraits by Julius Wiedemann. In it, I discovered artist like Jules Julien, David Despau, and Jo Ciardiello (whom I’ll touch on later posts). I appreciate Julien's delicate approach in the Aimer/Marie series. So many times, it’s tempting to add stroke around everything and call it a day. Yet in this series, he creates a whisper-like aspect to his work.  Likewise, I’m also captivated by the patterns he used in the Cadavres Exquis series (click here to see the full series). The stripes in the left portrait are so realistic, they seem as if they’re about to come to life.

Images courtesy of http://www.julesjulien.com/.

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