The Intern Diaries: New York Fashion Week

Here's an insiders view into NYC Fashion Week from the 
unique perspective of a college fashion student interning for a PR firm.


12:03 P.M. First day of interning, I walk out of the apartment and forget my keys inside the door. Fashion’s Night Out was the night before, to give an indication as to how I’m feeling.
12:20 I arrive at the venue, 20 minutes fashionably late and find the other interns. I greet them and awkwardly mingle as I profusely sweat from my eleven-block trek from my apartment.
12:23 PR bosses aren’t here yet, I’m quickly learning that no one is on time in the fashion industry. The other interns gab about their dinner reservations at STK. I want to roll my eyes, but I’m starving and secretly want an invite.
12:28 PR bosses arrive in a whirlwind with bags, clipboards and Eastern European girls wearing all black.
12:45 PR bosses are stressing because we are behind schedule. They start looking over the seating chart and start complaining about who is seated where.
12:53 Team meeting wraps up and I’m assigned to help with seating, which is awesome because I’ve never done that before and have no idea how it works.
12:55 I sneak a picture 007-style on my iPhone of the seating chart to study.
1:14 Change of plans, I’m re-assigned to outside check-in. The other interns still won’t talk to me, or invite me to dinner.
1:50 I loiter outside the building while we wait for photographers to arrive. I befriend the building’s security guard. I’ll take what I can get at this point.
2:00 Check-in is a cluster… the PR boss tells me not to let anyone in, and suddenly I have a Vogue editor yelling in my face. Great, I’ll never get a job in this industry now.

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Courtesy of Stylelist

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