Meet Blogger & Illustrator: Garance Doré

Garance is my all time favorite fashion illustrator! Here's 
some examples of her latest work and photos from her blog.

Garance is a French illustrator, photographer, stylist, videographer and all the while, fashionista.

"I had just discovered blogs and decided it could be a great way to get feedback about my work. I opened my blog and published a few of my drawings, and soon after started adding text to them. I found joy in sharing snippets of my life – what got me thinking, inspired me, or just made me laugh.
That’s how it became quite clear to me that fashion was my dearest subject. I like how often it changes its mind and in it, you can see the passing of time. I like that it’s as beautiful on movie stars as it is on the street because everything is only how you look at it."

P.S. Garance is also dating Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist! Talk about a sweet blogger romance!

Images and quotes courtesy of Garance Doré

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