Twinkle Toes

Holidays are a time to sparkle, so why not start 
with your shoes!

The first time I noticed glittered shoes where at Old Navy last week and thought, huh, those are cute! And slowly but surly glittered shoes started popping up everywhere! Glitter shoes are such a perfect idea for the holidays not to mention New Year's Eve!

Images courtesy of:

1. Kate Spade at Zappos 2. ASOS Safko Glitter Bow Flat Ballet Pumps 3. Old Navy Women's Embellished Ballet Flats 4. Glitter Bow Heeled Shoes at ASOS 5. Kate Spade at Piperlime 6. Women's Glitter Pumps at Old Navy 7. Gold Women's Glitters from Toms 7. J. Crew Girls' glitter bow ballet flats

1 comment:

  1. i recently bought a pair of jcrew glitter ballerina flats! love them... they make me smile when i wear them :)


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