Go For The Gold In 2012

Turing over a new leaf. Gold leaf, that is!

I lot of bloggers and stylist think that December is the month to go gold. I, on the other hand, beg to differ. Yes, the holidays are a time to shine with all things metallic but in actuality it shouldn't stop after December. The New Year marks a time to overcome our struggles and shall I say, go for the gold! January therefore has earned the right to truly be deemed the golden month

Images courtesy of:
1. Pinterest  2. Pinterset  3. J.Crew Gold Skinny Belt 4. Tumblr 5. Pinterest Gold Shorts 6. Pop Art Machine Gold Texture 7. This Is Glamerous Runway Look 8. A Cup Of Joe Gold Nails 9. Sophora Glitter Polish 10. Behance Gold Leaf Silk Screen 11. Lookbook: EBBA Z., 16 YEAR OLD STUDENT FROM UMEƅ

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