Home For The Holidays

Time to wrap the palm trees in Christmas lights!

Every year around Christmas it’s time to take my annual pilgrimage back to my home town of Vero Beach, Florida. Land of the elderly, wealthy, and Lily Polizer fashion victims. Normally I stick out like a sore thumb, but this year it’s twice as bad! I arrived at the quiet Melbourne airport in knee high military boots, black tights and top, pasty white complexion (I’m talking Twilight pale) and wondering why this little airport doesn't have wireless…or a Starbucks! Once stepping outside and getting smacked with Florida’s infamous humidity, I was reminded that I probably shouldn't have brought my wool peacoat and trendy hipster beany either. It was some of these differences and oddities that separated me from the typical Floridian which enticed me to venture outside the Sunshine state.  It’s now been 10 years since I’ve called Florida my home and oddly enough, it still remains just that…my home....sweet home.

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